Pyridine is an important chemical intermediate


2018-08-28 19:33:00.000

Pyridine is an important chemical intermediate, and pesticide is its largest downstream product, which can produce paraquat, diquat, chlorpyrifos, imidacloprid and other pesticides. Pyridine pesticides, as the fourth generation of new pesticides in the world, are not only highly efficient, low toxic, and have a long shelf life, but also have good environmental compatibility with humans and organisms, meeting the development requirements and trends of pesticides. It is understood that pyridine has a wide range of uses: in addition to being used as a solvent, pyridine can also be used in industry as a denaturant, a dye aid, and a starting material for synthesizing a series of products (including drugs, disinfectants, dyes, food seasonings, adhesives, explosives, etc.). Pyridine can also be used as catalyst, but the amount should not be too much, otherwise the product quality will be affected. It can be seen that pyridine products have great potential in the development of pesticides, but also play an important role in medicine.