Soil improvement: There is no "organic matter" in the soil, and no amount of fertilizer is effective!


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Soil improvement: There is no "organic matter" in the soil, and no amount of fertilizer is effective!

Nantong Shizhuang Chemical Co., Ltd. - Zhao Hongming

The soil without "organic matter" will not grow well! Why do you say that?

We must know that the content of soil organic matter represents the level of soil fertility. It is one of the important indicators to measure the level of soil fertility. It can promote the formation of soil aggregates, improve the conditions of soil physical, chemical and biological processes, and improve the absorption and buffering properties of soil. If the soil organic matter is too low, the soil immunity will be low, and it is easy to harden, acidify, and the crops are easy to get sick.

The data shows that the soil organic matter content in Japan is generally about 5%, and that in the United States is between 5% and 8%. The soil without "organic matter" is like planting crops in desert or cement fields. How can it produce good fruits?

We growers must know that organic matter itself is a reservoir of nutrients, and profoundly affects the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. Assuming that the organic matter content of a soil surface soil is 4%, the organic matter nitrogen content is 5%, and the decomposition rate of organic matter in a crop is 2%, the nitrogen supplied by the soil organic matter can reach 80kg/ha, which can almost meet the demand of most crops. It is estimated that 1% of the soil organic matter is equivalent to 18 kg of nutrients/mu.

At the same time, some studies have shown that the organic matter in the soil will be reduced from 2% to 1.5%, and the fertilizer holding capacity of the soil will be reduced by 14%.

In addition, soil organic matter has a profound impact on water storage. The soil with an acre of water, an inch thick and 2% organic matter can store 121000 liters of water, and the soil with 5% and 8% organic matter can store 303000 and 485000 liters of water, respectively. The results showed that the soil organic matter increased from 1% to 3%, and the soil water holding capacity increased by 6 times.

Of course, soil organic matter also profoundly affects the texture and structure of soil. With abundant organic matter, the soil can form a large number of stable organic and inorganic complexes with good soil structure. It not only resists soil erosion, but also provides ideal water and air conditions for roots.

Most importantly, soil organic matter is the carbon source and energy source of all kinds of organisms in the soil. Under the rich organic matter, the soil naturally forms a huge food web to build a healthy ecosystem. This huge ecosystem is the source of soil vitality, and plays an extremely important role from nutrient transformation to pest control.

The soil fertility is determined by six factors. Among organic matter, water, fertilizer, gas, heat and beneficial organisms, organic matter is the key to determine whether the latter can play its role. In the soil lacking organic matter, no amount of water and fertilizer can be absorbed by crops, air and heat cannot be well retained in the soil, beneficial organisms cannot survive, soil hardening is aggravated, and mineral elements (compound fertilizers) are fixed by the soil. It can be seen that organic matter is the determining factor of soil fertility, and organic fertilizer is the leading fertilizer for all plants to achieve sustainable high-quality and high-yield. If the content of organic matter in the soil is less than 2%, it is an empty sentence that the crops will have high quality and yield year after year.

At this stage, the national agricultural departments and technicians at all levels are calling for the improvement of organic matter, but when it comes to fertilization, some people always want to spend money on compound fertilizers, as if nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be seen and the money is worth it. In fact, if there is not enough organic matter, you can apply fertilizer to the desert and cement fields without being transformed or absorbed. Only when more organic fertilizer is applied, the soil is activated and the flora is multiplied, can many large and medium elements fixed in the soil be decomposed and absorbed, which is more than one action!

Content arrangement: Nantong Zhao Hongming