Research and Development Trend of Plant Growth Regulators


2022-08-27 17:11:17.000

The mystery of life is attracting many scientists to constantly discover new plant growth regulators and summarize new theories, such as jasmonic acid, polyamines, moonlight, oligosaccharides, etc., which have been discovered recently, play a great role in regulating plants and will be new plant growth regulators. The new theory of genetic compartment information lays a theoretical foundation for explaining the popularization and application of plant growth regulators.

According to the data, the research of plant growth regulators will have the following trends.

1. New products continue to emerge

With the continuous deepening of the research on plant growth regulators, newer and better plant growth regulators are replacing the old plant growth regulators. For example, Pectin has replaced chlormequat. Pectin has more advantages than chlormequat in regulating cotton growth. It has lower concentration, longer operation time and less side effects; Indyl ester replaces ethephon in many aspects, it can accelerate ripening without reducing the quality of fruit; Kinetin replaces 6-benzyladenine, which has lower concentration and better effect. Jasmonic acid will replace some growth promoters and growth inhibitors more, because it can better improve the yield, disease resistance, insect resistance and stress resistance of crops. It will be an important trend for the development of plant growth regulators that new products continue to emerge and old products continue to be eliminated.

2. Research and production of compound preparations of plant growth regulators began to be active

The previous plant physiology believed that plant growth regulators were special and could not be used in combination. However, modern plant physiology research proved that different plant growth regulators would produce unexpected effects after being used in combination. After being used in combination with growth promoters and growth inhibitors, it was found that some plants could inhibit vegetative growth and promote reproductive growth, and could make fruits expand while controlling vigorous growth and resisting lodging, Increase output and improve quality; Control effect of growth regulators and fungicides;

The compound use of growth regulator and fertilizer can improve fertilizer utilization rate and fertilizer efficiency. The research on the mechanism of plant growth regulator compound preparation and the screening of its formula will be a major direction of plant growth regulator research, and the production of its compound preparation will be an important development direction.

3. Plant growth regulator industry will be specialized and large-scale

The production industry of plant growth regulators used to be attached to pesticide production industries such as pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc. As an auxiliary output, now plant growth regulators have changed from miniaturization to large-scale, from non specialization to specialization.

There are some agrochemical companies in the world that mainly produce plant growth regulators, such as Asahi Chemical Co., Ltd. of Japan, CCA Bioengineering Company of the United Kingdom, Beijing Zhuangfeng'an Group Company of China, Yunda Science and Technology Group Company, etc., which means that plant growth regulators will form a system by themselves. Specialized research and production by enterprises will be a major direction for the development of plant growth regulator industry.

4. Development of Plant Growth Regulators and Biotechnology Revolution

In the 21st century, biotechnology will be based on gene transfer and assisted by plant growth regulators. We know that it is difficult to artificially change and recombine genes of some crops, and some are impossible due to great restrictions. However, according to the research on plant genetic information, plant growth regulators can change the genetic information, so plant growth regulators will be more applied to the orientation and stereotyping of plants. It will be another development trend of plant growth regulators to assist in directional regulation of growth of transgenic crops.

3、 In view of some suggestions on the development of plant growth regulators, this paper puts forward some suggestions on the current research and production situation of plant growth regulators in China.

1. The current situation of the synthesis, preparation research and production of Jiabu crude drugs, and some suggestions are put forward.

There are only 18 plant growth regulator technical drugs and more than 30 dosage forms produced by more than 100 manufacturers in China, while a British CCA bioengineering company produces 25 plant growth regulator technical drugs, which is a big gap. If we want to participate in the world competition, we must increase efforts to speed up the development and research of technical drugs and preparation types, otherwise China's plant growth regulator market will be eaten by wolves, The plant growth regulator industry will be eliminated by the world. However, as long as we realize the importance of this aspect and invest a certain amount of manpower and material resources, we can completely produce dozens of raw drugs and hundreds of preparation types in a few years.

2. Accelerate the development of compound preparations

The research and development of new plant growth regulator products requires the combination of human resources and rural areas. Generally, the investment is relatively large, and some Chinese enterprises cannot afford to invest, but the research of compound preparations is much easier. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a wise move for China to invest effective human resources and funds in the research of compound preparations of plant growth regulators at the time when China is about to enter the customs. It will enable us to obtain greater benefits in a short time, Develop and expand our plant growth regulator enterprises.

3. Policy guidance and strong alliance

The plant growth regulator enterprises in China and even the entire pesticide industry are small in scale, backward in technical strength and poor in competitiveness. It is no doubt that many enterprises will be eliminated to participate in the world competition in this state. We should introduce some policies and give certain preferential conditions to enable large enterprises to be willing to merge small enterprises, and small enterprises to voluntarily merge with large enterprises, so as to combine the strong with the strong, take advantage of the weak, and increase their resistance to competition.

4. Improving the quality of farmers and popularizing the application of plant growth regulators. For some farmers, it is still a mistake to think that it is unnecessary to use plant growth regulators. Plant growth regulators are as important as fertilizers, seeds and other pesticides, and they are the basis for stable and high agricultural production. Without the celebration of plant growth regulators, there will be no high-yield agriculture, Therefore, the state should pay attention to the publicity of plant growth regulators, so that we can better occupy the market and develop.