Development of Longxin Mianlong


2022-09-13 14:00:00.000



BASF, Germany, was first popularized and applied in the world. It is an environment-friendly, broad-spectrum comprehensive soil fumigation disinfectant with high efficiency, low toxicity, no residue and safety for humans and animals.
In 2000, Nantong Shizhuang Chemical Co., Ltd., the first registered manufacturer, took the lead in promoting its use in China. In 2007, it was funded by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. The Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, the Plant Protection Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other departments recommended it as one of the preferred products to replace methyl bromide. After nearly 20 years of promotion and sales, it has been widely used in soil disinfection of various crops in China, It has achieved remarkable social and economic benefits.