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Dazomet| Indoxcarb| Pymetrozine



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Product Description

English name: dazomet

Chemical name: 3,5-dimethyltetrahydro-1,3,5,(2H)-thiodiazinothione

Chemical formula: C5H10N2S2

Molar mass: 162.3

Physicochemical property: The pure product is white crystal, odorless, its melting point is 99.5℃ (decomposition), its solubility in water is 3,000ppm at 20℃, and it is easy to decompose in aqueous solution, especially at 45℃, and it will decompose rapidly when exposed to strong alkali or strong acid.

Toxicity: low

Specification: 98% TC

Formulation: 98% granules: 94%G

Application: "dazomet" is an environment-friendly broad-spectrum comprehensive soil fumigation disinfectant with high efficiency, low toxicity and no residue. When applied to moist soil, it produces a gas of methyl isothiocyanate, which spreads rapidly to the soil particles, effectively killing various nematodes, soil-borne pathogens (fungi and bacteria), underground pests (soil insects) and annual weed seeds in the soil, thus achieving the effect of cleaning the soil, especially suitable for soil disinfection in perennial successive crops.

Package: 20 kg per bag

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